Frankincense / Luban

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Edible Pure Granular Resin Arabic Gum High QualityEdible Pure Granular Resin Arabic Gum High Quality

600g Edible Pure Granular Resin Luban/Arabic Gum


Good for stomach aches and complete gut.

This is the edible type of Luban. Not for burning. No Smell. For burning luban, browse our shop.

Eating Instructions:

  • You must soak the Luban in warm water for a few hours and this will make it soft to chew.
  • You can stir small amounts into boiling water until dissolved, then drink.

Net Weight: 600g

Burning Frankincense Luban Incense Fresh Lovely Smell


This is a pure, high quality Frankincense which is used for burning. This luban is non-edible. It produces a lovely scent when burnt and is guaranteed to freshen up any home.

  • Used for burning. 
  • Creates a lovely fresh scent around your home or office.
  • Supplied in a 300g box. 
  • For edible luban, see our other listings. 

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